Working Towards Greener Tourism

At Osprey Hotel, our deep commitment to the environment drives us to transform into a more sustainable hotel. Through various initiatives, we’ve made impactful changes that help us maintain a low carbon footprint, minimise waste, and closely monitor our energy consumption—all while ensuring our guests continue to receive a great quality service.

We’re delighted to announce our recent accreditation from Green Tourism, a global authority in sustainable tourism certification. This certification program rigorously assesses the dedication of tourism businesses actively striving for sustainability.

Our Building

All lights in the Hotel have been replaced with LED. We use a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit to increase energy efficiency. Recycling is taken seriously: cardboard, plastic, glass, and food bins have been implemented in every department to ensure that materials are being properly recycled.

Our People

Working with Green Tourism, we have a committee of 12 people driving our sustainability program.

Through training and online communication platforms we are educating all of our team.

In the coming months we have a sustainability open day, with experts in this field addressing all the teams.

Green Team

In partnership with Green Tourism, our sustainability program is guided by a dedicated committee of 12 individuals.

We are committed to educating our entire team through training and online communication platforms.

Looking ahead, we have exciting plans for a sustainability open day. During this event, experts in the field will address our teams and share valuable insights.

Supporting Local Suppliers

At the core of our sustainability commitment, we prioritise sourcing from local suppliers whenever feasible. Additionally, we mandate that all our suppliers maintain a sustainability policy.

Furthermore, we actively encourage our suppliers to minimize packaging whenever possible, and we are dedicated to recycling the delivery containers we receive.

Efficient Energy and Water

In every department, we implement processes and checklists to guarantee that appliances not in use are either unplugged or turned off when applicable.

Furthermore, we’ve installed timers on all our water features to effectively manage and reduce water consumption levels.

Our Community

We love to encourage local engagement at Osprey Hotel. We have recently welcomed 7 Transition Year students from local schools on work placement.

Embracing Reusable Cups

All our staff members to have been provided with their their own reusable cups. This simple change helps us significantly reduce the consumption of single-use cups at Osprey Hotel. Additionally, we offer these eco-conscious cups for purchase at our coffee dock, extending our sustainability efforts to our valued customers.

By choosing reusable cups, both our staff and customers actively participate in reducing waste and minimizing our environmental impact, making a positive contribution toward a more sustainable future.

Action Against Plastic Waste

1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute worldwide, and only half of these are recycled.

This is why one of the first things we did as a green team was we stopped the use of plastic water bottles in the hotel. We installed 2x Purezza water dispensers and invested in glass bottles for the  bedrooms and meeting rooms.

Maintenance and Cleaning

We have processes and checklists in every department to ensure all appliances that are not in use are plugged out or switched off where applicable.

All our water features have been fitted with timers to control and reduce the levels of water being used.

Charity Events

We believe we can make a difference and continue to support many worthy causes.

Spinathon in aid of the Jack & Jill Foundation

Ukraine Appeal collection

Christmas Challenge in aid of Crumlin Children’s Hospital

Sustainabile Commutes

We recommend that you car pool or share taxis to and from work with colleagues where possible.

If you know that colleagues from your company are using the hotel why not offer to share a taxi and our reception team will be happy to organise the taxi for you.

In some cases to reduce the demand on taxis our reception team may recommend you share a taxi if they know a work colleague has booked one around a similar time.

We have partnered with a local rent a bike business if you wish to hire a bicycle to use while you stay with us , just contact our reception team for details on this.

Green Travel

Customer travel to and from the Osprey Hotel.

To reduce your carbon footprint we recommend that you use public transport to reduce emissions and its cheaper than a taxi.

Our 2 main bus stops are Kildare County Council Offices and  Naas Fire Station. Please visit Transport for Ireland for Bus Timetables.

  • 126- Bus to Dublin City Centre.

Dublin Airport

  • Use the Dublin coach website to check the timetable and its very frequent.
  • The N7 Service operates to and from Dublin Aiport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are not on the N7 route, all services internconect so use the journey palnner to plan your route.
  • Cost – €12 one way per adult.
  • When traveling from Dublin Airport – choose destination Naas CoCo Offices.
  • When traveling to Dublin Airport – choose travel from Naas Fire Station.
  • Both are just a short healthy walk from the hotel.


Naas unfortunately does not have a train station however Sallins does and its less than a 10 minute car journey or a healthy 40 minute walk.

Other public transport options: Bus Eireann and Dublin Coach.


  • The N7, M7, and M9 Services connect with the Luas Red Line, stopping right beisde the Luas stop at Red Cow.
  • The Dundrum Service connects both the Red Line ( at Red Cow) and the Green Line at Dundrum Luas Station.
  • Use the Luas Option for travelling to Dublin City Centre.

Electric Vehicle Charging Point Map

Electric Vehicle Charging Point.
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