Civil Ceremonies in Osprey Hotel

Civil Ceremonies in Osprey Hotel

What makes a civil ceremony different to a traditional wedding ceremony? When you decide to host a civil ceremony, you are removing religion from your wedding. The marriage ceremony is conducted by an official or a celebrant rather than a priest and can take place in a registered location rather than a church. A civil ceremony leaves you with the same rights as a religious marriage in the eyes of the law. In many ways, it allows the couple to have a lot more control over their ceremony and customise a lot more of their big day. It is suitable and used most often for same-sex marriages, but all types of unions are welcome.
Osprey Hotel in Kildare are an approved venue for civil unions and have plenty of experience hosting these magical ceremonies. Our fantastic new ballroom is the perfect place to host a ceremony you’ll never forget. Here are some of the benefits of holding a civil ceremony over a traditional wedding in Osprey Hotel Kildare.


You’re inviting a group of your closest friends and family to share the most important day of your lives as a couple. One of the most important features of your day should be intimacy and allowing your guests a glimpse into your relationship. A civil ceremony offers couples a truly personal touch with customised or self-written vows, decorations, music and everything else reflecting you as a couple. Our talented wedding coordinator Catherine is always on hand to offer advice or help you to plan the day you’ve always dreamed of. Our one wedding a day policy means you’ll have her undivided attention and that of our staff.


When you book a traditional wedding, there is a lot of moving around. You’ll start at home getting ready for the big day, moving on to the church for the ceremony, then to a photo location and back to your hotel for a celebration – phew! When you choose a civil ceremony, you’re simplifying the day for you and your guests. You’ll have all of your loved ones in the same room, day and night, with no need for transport to and from a cold church. It also removes the expense of hiring cars, paying for separate venues, decorating separate venues, and finding a perfect photo location. It’s a no-brainer!

Wedding Decor

Did you know that many church venues don’t allow personalised decorations? Traditional churches often have rules about the amount of customisation in their venue, preferring to keep the religious art and architecture as the centrepiece. If your religious venue allows you to customise it for your big day, you still have the hassle of moving all of your flowers and décor to your wedding celebration location, which often means relying on family to transport it or hiring a company to set up both venues – adding to the cost. When you chose a civil ceremony, we’ll do all of the hard work for you.

Customise your ceremony

Churches often have rules about weddings – not just about the décor. Many churches would prefer if you used religious music and hymns, prewritten vows and stuck to a predefined running order – perfect if you’re happy with a traditional ceremony. When you choose a civil ceremony, you have more control over your big day. There is no restriction on what music you use, you can write your own vows or use ones you’ve admired from other weddings, and you can customise the running order of your big day. You can decorate your venue as you like and use the surrounding areas to take pictures you’ll be proud to show on your mantel.

Osprey Hotel for your Civil Ceremony

We are an appointed civil ceremony provider in the Kildare area, and we have extensive wedding experience for both wedding celebrations and ceremonies. Our beautiful new ballroom can cater to over 350 guests or can be customised to host smaller, more intimate ceremonies. Catherine, our brilliant wedding planner works with couples to create the day of your dreams, customising our space, your menus, the music & décor and anything else to make your day one to remember forever. Our central location, stunning ballroom and sumptuous food make the Osprey Hotel the perfect choice for your wedding day.

If you’d like to view our brand-new ballroom space, or talk through your package options, contact us today to arrange a show around. Catherine is waiting to work with you to customise the most special day of your life.


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