Restore your body and mind at Osprey Spa, offering stimulating revitalisation through the art of massage, therapeutic baths and refreshing treatments. Before and after your treatment, unwind in our Relaxation Room, to find your sense of peace. Detoxify and lounge in our sauna, steam room, salt grotto, Arctic cabin, footbaths and sanarium.

Relaxation Room

Before you start your journey through the spa, recline on the specialist, ergonomically designed beds while warm temperatures gently penetrate through to the muscles of the entire body, ensuring a sublime state of calm and tranquillity.


Enjoy a cosy authentic sauna experience with temperatures ranging between 70° and 90°C.

A charming rustic atmosphere, complimented by mood lighting which helps you to unwind on benches made of virtually knot-free softwood, arranged in a stepped formation.

Note: This treatment is not suitable during pregnancy.

Steam Room

With their relatively low temperature of around 43°-46°C and 100% humidity, the steam room is especially beneficial for the respiratory system.

Note: This treatment is not suitable during pregnancy.

Salt Grotto

Salt dispensers in the ceiling are activated to inject salt air into the cabin depending on your preference. All walls and benches are heated creating a warm atmosphere. The salt and steam treatment aids circulation and leaves your skin feeling soft. One of the main benefits of salty air is that it helps your respiratory system making you feel more vibrant and healthy. It is also very beneficial for those who suffer with high or low blood pressure, thrombosis or varicose veins.


Warm footbaths are known to aid relaxation and release tension, reviving a tired body. They also help to cool down the body.


If you find a classical Finnish sauna too hot or too dry, the sanarium offers the ideal alternative. With temperatures between 46°-60°C and a controlled humidity of 10-15% a particularly gentle and temperate climate is created in which to relax and feel good. Relaxing in the sanarium is the ideal way to recharge your batteries. The unique blend of heat followed by a stimulating shower boosts the body's natural defences and promotes circulation. A sanarium also cleanses the skin and tones up the body's tissue.